A Tradition of Excellence

Quality craftsmanship is a family tradition passed down for 70 Years from Enzo himself. This generation has taken Enzo's Legacy and commitment to quality and invested it into the future. Enzo House builders want to to quality Eco-friendly homes, that include Solar Power...

solar house

Solar Upgrade

Solar panels in this house bring in electricity from the suns natural rays. Allowing the house to use less public electricity and reduce the strain on electric companies.


What is the Share-A-Room Project?
Share-A-Room, LLC is a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to build new homes for the needy. Partnering with EnzoHouse for professional Eco-Friendly Home Building.The Share A Room project builds and renovates homes for the homeless and the helpless to live in while they undergo therapy, detox, career counseling, and other life assistance programs.



Not Just Rebuilding...Reinventing?
When a home is bought by the Share-A-Room Project we invest a great deal of time and care into making the home the best it can be. Enzo House comes in to renovate theses homes to make them Eco-friendly. Share-A-Room homes are equipped with these features:

| solar panels allowing homes to be more energy efficient

| private gardening areas allowing residents to grow their own food

| Water from the air all houses will be equipt with water units which pull condesation from the air ad filters it in drinkable water.
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